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MANCHI (2000)

MANCHIMANCHI Massage chair. 2000. Limited edition by V.I.A. Originally designed as a massage chair, and as part of Danny Venlet‚??s global interior concept for Manchi, a men‚??s relaxation centre in Antwerp, Belgium ‚?? but in extension also suitable for a range of other uses. The form was inspired by the fact that men love to sit in reverse on a chair, back to front, using their crossed arms as a headrest. By integrating the seat and back the Manchi creates a more organic support for that pose, which is also very fit for massage. Stackable. The structure is in stainless steel, while the simili upholstery of each of the five copies is in another color: white, pink, red, brown and orange. 45 w x 80 d x 100 h

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