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Q SYDNEY (1994, Sydney, Australia)

Q SYDNEYQ SYDNEY Bar and pool rooms. 1994. Sydney, Australia. First of a series of bars that were to opened on several locations in Australia in the years to come. The architectural language developed in Sydney thereby served as an example to the others. Driven by the concern to do away with the barrier between the manager and his customers created a bar, with an oval outline that referred to a ship, and a counter where clients could also sit and stand on the side that is usually exclusively reserved for the personnel. But he did it in such a way that only good clients would do so. â??People had to feel it was a privilege. Even without the physical barrier, customers still had to feel it was still there on an emotional levelâ?. The counter thus had to function as a round table in which clients were not next but in front of each other- as equals, but some more equal than the others, so that these others still had something to strive for. Since the bar had to be as cheap as possible it was sculpted from lightweight concrete blocks, while the stools where created from dirt-cheap childrens chairs, with tubes extending their legs. Design team: Danny Venlet, Mark Cashman and Leigh Hopkinson

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